Why Did Germany Loose Ww1?

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Why did Germany loose the WW1?

Why did Germany loose The First World War? On 28 June 1914 a bullet change the tension in Europe for years and a World war broke out. Germany in the losing side together with especially Austria-Hungary but also Ottoman empire and Bulgaria against in the start the Triple Entente which included Russia, Britain and France who got support by other countries after a while but why did Germany loose the war? Well it’s hard to practically point one thing out and say this is why but most probably a mix of different causes would be the right way to say. The Naval blockade, the entering of the U.S. is two heavy causes but the strategic errors are things they could blame themselves for and with some clever changes maybe the war would have looked different.

Strategic errors
The strategic errors are for some one of the bigger causes to the fall of Germany. The ones that usually are mention are the invasion of Belgium, the submarine campaign and the failure of the Schlieffen plan. These three causes are of course all link together with each other, without the Schlieffen plan the invasion of Belgium nor the submarine wouldn’t exist.
Schlieffen plan/Invasion of Belgium: The Schlieffen plan was created by Alfred von Schlieffen the count of Germany. The plan was about how the Germans would go through Belgium with a big troop to surprise the French by attacking them from behind while a smaller troop sustained them in the theory a good plan but German had underestimate the power of the British and Belgian alliance. Germany thought that Britain wouldn’t rush to the aid of Belgium because of the wish to remain neutral but because of the London Treaty of 1839 Britain shocked and declared war to Germany. The time Britain declared war chancellor Bethmann-Hollweg said a famous line "The Britons will go to war for a mere scrap of paper?”. Now the plan took another turn than in the theory. The time taken go through Belgium took a lot longer than expected

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