Why Did Franklin D. Roosevelt Win the 1932 Presidential Election?

Topics: Great Depression, President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt Pages: 2 (731 words) Published: February 15, 2011
Why did Franklin D. Roosevelt win the 1932 presidential election? Franklin D. Roosevelt won the 1932 presidential election reasons. His margin of victory over Herbert Hoover was the largest in recorded history up to that time. One of the foremost reasons why Roosevelt won was because people believed that he could take America out of the Great Depression unlike Hoover. They believe he will take real action to deal with the Depression. His policies and ideals were much more popular and suitable for the situation they were in. Hoover believed in ‘rugged individualism’ where people should not expect help from the government and that the government will not interfere. Whereas Roosevelt promised his ‘New Deal’, which would provide jobs and relief for the poor, and the unemployed, action to help industry and agriculture and resolve the banking crisis. Roosevelt promised the government would help and starting funding charities and many construction projects, whereas under Hoover the government rarely funded relief programmes or charities, which relied on generous wealthy individuals and towns and cities. He believed the power of the government should be used to create a fairer society, bringing hope to many Americans. Also all Hoover promised in his election was that the USA had ‘turn the corner back to prosperity’ whereas Hoover had his ‘New Deal’, which seemed much more promising. Also when Hoover won his first term election he said that every American would have two cars in the garage and chicken in the pot. However, many people were now unemployed and homeless. Many people did not trust Hoover or his promises. However the main reason that Roosevelt triumphed over Hoover would be because he was immensely popular, his public image was much better. Hoover had the image of an uncaring heartless person, whereas Roosevelt was seen as a fighter, having fought polio and running as president even though paralysed waist down. Furthermore, what he had done for the ordinary...
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