Why Did Britain Win the Battle of Britain

Topics: RAF Fighter Command, Fighter aircraft, Hugh Dowding, 1st Baron Dowding Pages: 2 (666 words) Published: December 4, 2005
In this essay I will try to explain the reason for Britains victory in the battle of Britain. I will look at tactics, pilots, leadership, technology and weapons to help me explain this.

The first and most important reason for the victory of the battle of britain was the technology used. Radar was a very important device only used by the british in the battle. Radar was used to detect enemy invation from up to 100 miles away. This enabled british fighter planes, the Hurricanes and the Spitfires, to get up into the air and prepare for battle. Britain was the only participant that used it, germany thought it wasn't nessery to acquire this technology. This contributed to britains victory in the battle. Anouther significant technology used was the planes. The RAF consisted of the extremely versitile and fast Spitfire and the bulky Hurricane. These planes were incredably good for the time and only the meshersmite 109 could match the qualities of the spitfire. The only thing the spitfire was better at was handling. The spitfire could out manoeuvre the meshersmite 109. The spitfire also had bullet proof windshields to prevent bullet penetration to the cockpit this prevented many fatal casualties.

Without Lord Beverbrook Britain would have struggled to win the battle of Britain. He was head of plane production he invested time and money to produce sophisticated machinery and planes to win the battle of Britain. He was producing 100 planes a week this was a dramatic increase from the previous production numbers. These weapons were relied on to win the battle of Britain. Although Britains weapons were of the highest standard, Germany contributed to Britains victory. Germanys bombers were not very efficient, they could not carry a heavy enough bomb to give a sufficient scare on the target. Also the planes could not carry enough fuel to give them enough time over Britain this goes for the meshersmite 109.

Another contributing factor to Britains victory is the...
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