Why Democracy matters

Topics: Tiananmen Square, Hong Kong, People's Republic of China Pages: 3 (659 words) Published: October 4, 2014
10A World history period 6
25 september 2014
                                                       Why Democracy Matter    Democracy matter in many different ways influence human to chase their freedom and liberty,some countries didn’t have democracy is mean they can’t aspire democracy?No.citizen who want democracy still contend with military forces get their wants.         On June 5.1989 TiananMan Square in Beijing,The tank were poised to attack student who sparked a powerful pro-democracy movement in China,Fired on civilians estimates of the death toll range from several hundred to thousand.It has been estimates that as many as 10,000 citizen were arrested during and after protests. When tank pass through the Tiananman Square,A man name Mrs.Wang stand front of tank to stop tank forward then climb on top of tank speak of driver before jumping down again.    After 24 years later now,I was find Mrs.Wang to interview him a some question about video “Tank Man” story and discover setting of pro-democracy incident.I start out “why you do this,for what reason you do?” Mrs,Wang slowly replies “Because I believe democracy glorious will come to China.Come to chinese citizen save them to the freedom and liberty,I don’t care other chinese citizen look me,I will do it.”    From Mrs.Wang eyes I can see he is a very confident persom,Mrs.wang are brave of pro-demcracy goals.“Would you do again stand front the tank or like same violence situation?” Mrs.Wang very seriously said“absolutely,when I was become nation hero of pro-democracy,I just have my responsibility to do,otherwise,I would never happy again in my whole life.” I am really surprised about your decision,next question “If have one day china democracy dream going to be fact,would you do?what you feeling about?” Mrs.Wang smiled said“Of course,I will feel really happy,establish democracy of china is my goal,If china  democracy dream become fact mean I just can do anythings I want,chinese citizen...
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