Why Crime Rates Will Drop?

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Why Crime Rates Will Drop?

This important cause which is some experts think strong economic could let crime rates to drop. However, the fact is actually not, before 1992, American has strong economic. However, in fact, in these times, crime rates were very high. Furthermore, according to “Levitt D. Steven and Stephen J. Dubner” (Freakonomics 3). We know homicide fell at a greater rate during the 1990s than any other sort of Crime and number of reliable studies have shown virtually no link between the economy and violent crime. For example, if some people are rich, some people are very poor. So, the poor will certainly steal or rob the rich’s money. Because of poverty, causing them to no food to eat, in order to survive, they will crime, so, strong economy can't let crime rates drop. In conclusion, there are many factors may cause make crime rates to rise and fall, first is reducing crime rates are government change environment. Second is reducing crime rates is government innovative policing strategies and increased number of police because these two reasons are more important than other reason. In short, as long as government want to innovative policing strategies and increased number of police. Civilians will have good lives, meanwhile, it will drop crime rates

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