Why Computers Should Be Used in K-12 Schools

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Task 2: Research Task
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Why computers should be used in K-12 schools

• We believe that Google+ and similar Internet tools are the future of education networks. Your online footprint needs to support your education philosophy and promote you as an excellent employment prospect. DIGITAL FOOTPRINT

However, Google+ is more than a social-medium Internet platform, amongst other things it organises your files, expands your sharing capacity, networks you with peers and can coordinate and link various tools via the one interface (YouTube, Mail, Documents, Images, News, Calendar, Blogs & MORE!). Google+ offers users free web space and the tools to create an online presence, it combines the ability to join online HANGOUTS (like Skype), and create POSTS (like Blogger/Twitter).

You need to sign up for a Google account and explore Google+. To do this see this link or this one if you already have a gmail account.

When you get to the "Add people you know to your circles" look for your tutor's name and the Unit Coordinator's name (Judy Weggelaar). Once you have found one you should be able to find the other by looking in their circles. Add these to a Circle and select "Create New Circle. Name this new Circle EDP130 Group X (where X is your group number)

You can skip several steps but do fill out where you live and include OUA EDP130 SP3 Group X in your profile so we can easily identify you once we find you. Add a picture to identify yourself. If you don't wish to use your own image create an avatar.

In the first two weeks of this unit share some useful/relevant educational resources to your Circle. Say why you think it is useful/relevant. Why did you choose it? How could it be used in a classroom?

These resources may be found by investigating sites at the end of each chapter in the text book; they may be ones you have seen used by your child or at your place of work. (for example) • [pic]

Formal Writing Task for Submission

|Attached |[pic] Sharing_with_your_tutor_tutorial.pdf (141.702 KB) | |Files: | |

| |
|[pic]   |Task 2: You are required to complete the following  task once you have read Chapter One and examined each of the | | |resources for this week.  Checkpoint(p34, #3): Write a one page response to the following: | | |5. Summarise why computers should be used in K-12 schools. | | |Please save your file as surname_firstname_EDP130task2 (eg smith_jane_task2) and upload to Google Drive (previously | | |Google Docs). If you have not used this before please refer to this HOWTO or one of the many others on the Internet. | | |Please share this with your tutor using Google+. Do not post to the discussion board.The instructions for posting so | | |that ONLY your tutor can see it can be found  here. | | |This task is due at the end of Week 2  (August 7 -see Unit Planner for due dates for all tasks) but you may submit | | |earlier if you wish.  | Task 3: Online Task: You are required to complete the following task once you have read Chapter Three.  Carefully read and follow the instructions in your text to create a spreadsheet.

Integration in the Classroom: #1 Favourite Colours (p 151) (End of Chapter 3 for those with earlier edition texts)

This task is due at the Sunday 9th September, but you may submit earlier if you wish. Submit by converting it to a pdf, uploading to Google Docs and posting the link in the appropriate forum on the discussion board. Create your own thread and label it with your name so that your name is in any feedback...
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