Why College Is Important to Me

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After 14 years of marriage it has come to my attention that I must make a change in my employment. After working nights for almost 15 years at the same company, I must now take a position working during the day, due to the lack of supervision available to my children. I do not wish to take any position just to pay the bills, I want to be successful. I wish to be a better person and role model to all.

I want to attend college to obtain an associate degree in elementary education. Studies show with an associate degree I have a chance at higher earnings. The school my children who are ages 7 and 6 are attending is momentarily short staffed with assistants.

I wish to use the education I have received to its fullest potential by becoming a teacher’s assistant for this school. I currently work for the school as an aide in the lunch room and for when the children take their nap. With this degree I wish to approach the principal and ask for an increase in my hours, and have the higher income to provide for my family as well.

My reasons for choosing Ashworth are timing and affordability. As I mentioned I currently also work evenings. So my availability to attend school is extremely limited.

Ashworth is an online school which is ideal to me so I may set my schedule. The affordability of Ashworth is also amicable. I have considered other schools but would not be able to afford them.

Ashworth is opening up a world of opportunity for me. I am a highly detailed orientated individual and have the discipline to work unsupervised. I am ambitious to obtain my goal. I am responsible enough to handle all of these tasks.
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