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Why College Is Important.

By adri797 Jan 10, 2013 380 Words
26 September 2012
Importance of College
According to, as of 2009, there are over four thousand two and four year colleges in America. It is completely up to students if they want to further their education. While they can choose to join the Army, the Navy, or the Air Force, a large number of students decide to go to college. I believe a college education is important because it provides more opportunities, offers more resources, and will eventually lead to a more stable financial future. College is an extremely demanding time in a student’s life. It takes a decent amount of money, hard work, dedication, and independence to be successful. Even though it is not the simplest task, a college education is vital for your future. In the long run, all of the time and money spent will be well worth it. Secondary education opens a larger window for opportunity. It offers valuable knowledge while working toward your career. College degrees can vastly help you in taking the steps to earn the career of your dreams. In this period of time, jobs hire more frequently based on education, not skill. Degrees present the opportunity to achieve the goals one has been working towards their entire college career. Further resources are provided within a college atmosphere than outside of one. There are more materials, lectures, experts, and interaction. Not many places offer the experience other than college. Along with the resources, getting a college education will lead to a stable financial future. The difference in a salary between someone who has a degree and a diploma is substantial. A college education can be the difference of being a custodian at a school to being the principle. College degrees can greatly increase the amount of money you make in the future. The importance of college doesn’t only improve just one aspect of your life; it can change all parts if you let it. Attending college is important because it provides more opportunities, offers more resources, and will eventually lead to a more stable financial future. All of the statistics can explain themselves. Anyone can go to college if they truly desire to. I believe furthering your education is extremely vital if you intend to have a successful future.

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