Why college freshmen fall into academic trouble

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Essay 4
Why College Freshmen Fall into Academic Trouble
For first-year college students, the worries of academic troubles are getting ready to hit full force. Most college freshmen flew through high school making easy “A’s” and never felt the pain of failing. For thousands of students across the nation, school was forced upon them; rather than it being a motivation, it became a burden. Many others never learned how to study because all they had to do was listen to the teacher to pass the tests. Yet, one of the biggest problems facing teenagers today is the concern for their social lives. They would rather be on Facebook or Twitter rather than make an “A” on a test or quiz. There are hundreds of causes for academic problems, but the main ones include the lack of motivation, the inability to study, and the over-concern for social livelihood.

Hundreds of thousands of students country-wide are forced into school. Instead of a willingness to attend, they would much rather be occupied with other activities. When they enter college, they are no longer having to rely on mother and father to make them go, leading to several absences and zero’s in the gradebook. Many freshmen never act very concerned with their grades early on because they think they have it all under control. When mid-terms roll around, many find that they are failing multiple classes. Unless they find a way to turn it around, the only way out of the situation is to withdrawal, which can affect financial aid and prolong their graduation date.

Another cause of academic issues is the inability to sit down and study the material from class. Many college freshmen tend to just go to class and assume that’s enough, but in reality, they are supposed to spend three hours studying for each credit hour they are taking. Thousands of students take up to eighteen hours of class, which means they should spend well over forty hours studying. With that much time spent looking over...
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