“Why College Education Is Important to Me”

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“Why College Education is Important to Me”
College education is important to me, because I believe it is the next step forward to success. For me, a better education means a better job, better self-confidence and more motivation to achieve my goals in the job career that I have chosen. I feel achieving a college degree will help me climb up the ladder in my job, or help me find a better- paying job. Bobby Scott quoted “It is virtually impossible to compete in today’s global economy without a college degree.’ I also feel that going after my dreams and achieving my goals and showing determination will help my boys as they grow up to do the same. I have come to realize that the present and in the future that a High School Diploma or GED is not going to be enough to get a good- paying job or even one that you are happy with. I won’t be surprise if in the future you need a College Degree to work at a fast-food restaurant or gas station. Jeff McGuire quoted “The importance of a college education has become quite evident in terms of earning potential within today’s economy.”

I attended a business school in Oklahoma City (Demarge College) and successfully completed and earned a Diploma in Word Perfect and Business Technology, but started a family shortly after I graduated and became a stay at home mom for many years. After my husband and I separated, I decided that I needed to search for a job, and I found one as a teacher’s aide at a daycare center, which I enjoyed very much. I worked at Children Today for about a year before I moved to Maryland. A few months after I moved to Maryland, I found another job at a Development Center as a teacher’s aide again. A few months later I decided to get my 90 hours in Growth and Development curriculum and Classroom Management. I am also on a level four for the Maryland Child Care Credential Program. I have completed many training classes for Early Childhood Professionals to continue to move up levels for the...
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