Why College Athletes Must Finish School First

Topics: Psychology, Professional sports, Amateur sports Pages: 3 (1028 words) Published: August 11, 2011
For many college athletes, the lure of playing pro sports is intoxicating. Dreams of fancy cars, luxurious homes, tailor-made suits, voluptuous women, and the mental images of a crowded stadium chanting their name is enough for any collegiate athlete to think about abandoning their education for a chance at stardom. When the dreams are solidified with million dollar contracts, think immediately is replaced by impulse. Left behind in the frenzy is the much needed college education that no one seems to care about any more. An athletes only hope is to complete a college education first for what life's lessons has to offer later when hard-knocks is the final exam.

Many people believe there is no need for an education because of the money that is made by professional athletes. They are indeed right. The average athlete earns an annual salary of $3.3million. The problems are that many professional athlete are either bankrupt or in jail, mostly because of impulse control disorders that cause millions of dollars to disappear. There is no wonder as to 78% of NFL players going broke within 2 years and 60% of NBA players are broke within 5 years of their retirement. Are they a product of their environment? Want to bet?

It starts young. Most athletes who make it to the professional level are from lower to middle socioeconomic status where they have been involved in sports since they were young. According to the American Psychological Association, lower socioeconomic statuses correlates to lower education, poverty, and poor health. The effects are inequities in wealth distribution, resource redistribution, and quality of life. The American Psychological Association also identifies lower to middle socioeconomic statuses who are in college in association with the feeling of not belonging in school, thus dropping out before they graduate; perhaps the reason collegiate athletes impulsively abandon their education not only for the mere millions of dollars, but...
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