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Topics: Psychology, Mind, Thought Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: April 9, 2014
Why have you chosen to do a degree in psychology?
While studying the subject at a-level I found psychology very interesting e.g. cognitive and developmental. I thought picking it would give me a further insight to actually choosing my own studies or part-taking in recreating previous ones. The study of the human mind and behaviour etc seem like a popular career path also the fact that psychology now as it develops and becomes more popular it can open up so many career doors as well. It’s a good foundation to start before I definitely know what I want to do for my future What would you like to do with a degree in psychology?

There are a number of things that I could do with a psychology degree. For example after graduating my BSc I could specialise in either child or clinical psychology. Specialising in clinical psychology will allow me to analyse, assess and diagnosis mental disorders in order to give the appropriate treatment and prevention for the mental disorder, emotional disturbances and substance abuse. If I don’t specialize in clinical I also like the fact of doing child psychology and working with children counselling in schools. If I don’t get or achieve the goals I plan to with psychology by doing a post graduate in the sector of my choice my back up plan is to use it as a path to become a teacher.

What skills/qualifications do you have that you think will help you study for a degree in psychology? Previously I’ve studied psychology at an A-level rate so I’ve covered some of the topics that will come up for example schizophrenia the biological and psychological reasons of why it develops and the treatments to help with the disorder. Also research methods is a popular part of psychology studying it in sociology and psychology at a-level will help when we have to get into groups and complete our own studies. I know how to plan and write out a report. I believe communication skills are essential as I’d have to interact a lot with others about the...
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