Why Children Drop Out of School

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Dropping out of school is common for children in the world. The children feel as if the problem is that they have, will stop them from accomplishing the goals that they want to achieve in life. Children drop out every year and think about what they could have done or want to do to go back and try to finish. There isn’t any single issue that makes children drop out of school, because every person is different. There are many solutions to the problems, but the key is to watch for warning signs to stop it from escalading to the point where dropping out is the solution.

A primary cause of children dropping out of school is peer pressure, but not the kind where “you aren’t cool if you don’t drop out bro.” A major factor was that the students spent time with people who were uninterested in school. These were among the top reasons selected by students with high GPAs and those who were motivated to work hard. In general, feeling unmotivated or uninspired to work hard was a significant factor in the drop outs’ discontent with school.

The biggest cause of dropping out is child abuse / neglect. The child that drops out is not always the main victim in the cases, but he/she will have to drop out feeling that it is a sense of duty to protect their younger siblings and provide for them. In many instances the dropout will have done it because they could not earn enough money to support themselves (much less their siblings if they have them) and needed to work during the day time.

Academic failure is also a leading factor in children dropping out. If a student is / already has failed a class they find the stress to be to much and that it would be better for them to start making money rather than continue. After they get a job the students will usually become complacent and until later in life when they need the money because they have kids, a spouse, etc.. Students could use their time to go back and finish high school they find it easier / more important to...
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