Why Cant There Be Peace (Research Paper)

Topics: Taliban, Afghanistan, Iraq War Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: May 20, 2013
A world in peace is what all people dream about, to have a good relationship with each other and to avoid any chaos-ending problems. This is a long time dream of anyone, everyone; no matter who you are, where you are; what your nationality may be; what your work may be and mostly, what you desire may be. For in your biggest ambitions in life, there is that slight hope of having peace. But in reality, peace is a dream paradise that we can never afford without atonement or experiencing pain.

The sole culprit of misunderstandings between sovereign countries is the mental state of men. People live each day by having each personal belief and principles in which may cause the inerasable scars in the hearts of men. Countries ravaged by war due to personal consciousness of the supremacy. The inhabitants suffer the consequences of such actions of the authorities the most, causing the people to desert their lands in order to find a land that can provide a substantial living. The abandoned states will soon be a history and a memory to the next span of humanity. Or they may soon see their nation journeying the fate of invasion. Minerals exhausted by human misdoings and soon lead the nation to the ashes of defeat.

The three wars that wanted to have peace but having the lives of men at stake in order to reach its goal: Operation Iraqi Freedom- the invasion of Iraq that has not been ended until now. The desire to have peace comes with a price to pay, a price that can never be easy to pay. One that can never be in debt, for what you need to hand over can never be put on the next day. A gift that can never be given again will be your bet.

Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan- having the purpose of freeing the Afghanistan people from the scourge of the Taliban movement which are harbouring al-Qaeda insurgents and conducting an oppressive regime on the afghan people based on strict observance of the shari'ah or Islamic law. Having a good goal travels thru a struggling...
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