Why Books Should Not be Banned

Pages: 3 (1070 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Tony Ballantyne once said, “The Unprepared will eventually be destroyed; ignorance is no hiding place.” With this he meant that ignoring certain topics in life sets a person up for failure. This is exactly what is happening in public schools by banning books and limiting a child’s variety of reads. Banning books stunts the expansion of the creative and intellectual mind while withholding information on scandalous subjects that are apparent in everyday life. By taking certain books away from students you cap a lid on a child’s perspective of the real world and isolate their minds into what is known as “safe.” Taking books away from the public eye demolishes the chance for people to think beyond their comfort zones and challenge their minds. Book banning prevents students from extending their minds to foreign concepts and slows the development of their brains by withholding information needed. As Americans we have the right to pick and choose what we do and do not want to read. Books of all subjects deserve the right to be available to all students because every book has a message portray and it’s those messages that further the development of the brain. “Not every book will be right for every reader, but the freedom to choose for ourselves from a full array of possibilities is a hard-won right that we must not take for granted in this country,” (Platt). Just because a book is put on a shelf does not mean society is forcing you to read it! It’s your freedom of choice to decide what books you want to read, but it isn’t your decision to control what other people read. The choice to read a certain book is all yours and it’s your job to allow other people to choose for themselves. A full selection of books on every topic you can possibly think of is the type of shelf every library should have. One’s mind cannot be challenged by “playing it safe” with books that take no risk, and you cannot learn from or about topics you have not been exposed to. Book banning tries to...
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