Why Becoming a Gudiance Counselor Is for Me

Topics: School counselor, Thought, Adolescence Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: September 28, 2010
August 1,2010

Personal Statement College Of New Rochelle As I a reflect on where I am in my life and the experiences that have bought me here. I look back on the many difficult and extremely challenging decisions I’ve had to make to get here. I like to think I am a reasonable person in my thinking and what motivates me, however there have been moments when I thought , if I’d had a more concrete sounding broad to voice my thought, fears and aspirations, early in my journey though life is something I often speculate on, and what choices I would have made. A person a with strong influence in my early learning experiences to guide me in what were my strengths.

All throughout my teen years I have been fascinated with sculpting and designing hair styles for friends and family. I was the family hair stylists, eventually turn professional. I truly enjoyed my ten year career as a stylist, as much as I was excited about every new hairstyle that I would learn, I was just as interested in meeting the variety of people I would meet everyday working in a unisex salon, The mix in cultures within our own culture was an experience in itself. As I would interact with young and old, but the younger clients is where I witness the most distress and anxiety of the thing going on in their lives. Looking back now presently as a mother of two young children. Returning to school earning my Bachelors in Social Science, exploring society’s diverse cultures as a whole. Presently a Financial Aid Counselor at Pace University, I started to pay closer attention to the often legitimate gripes young people have in terms of had they only had better guidance in their younger years, what a difference it would have made now entering adulthood. This is when I knew I would have much to offer in a career in Guidance Counseling would be a rewarding experience. Few careers...
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