Why Baseball Is the Most Difficult Sport

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Out of all the vast variety of sports there are, baseball is the most challenging and difficult sport to play. No other sport compares to the degree of difficulty that you have to deal with, like you do in playing the game of baseball. There are so many different elements that make this game the most difficult. Three major elements stick out in my mind as to why this wonderful sport is the toughest of all. The three main factors in my mind are the increased physical and hand eye coordination component, the mental aspect of this game, and the human interdependence between umpires, which are a vital part in every play.
To play the game of baseball you have to be in great physical shape. You also need to have an exceptional amount of hand-eye coordination. Baseball is a long, grueling 182-game season. You play back to back days, double-headers, and multiple times every week. This game takes a toll on you and your body, little tweaks and injuries add together and can have a lasting effect on your performance for a long time. Not only do you have to be in great condition to play every day and remain injury free, one of the hardest things to do in all of sports is hit a baseball. Anybody can just pick up a basketball and football and learn it pretty quickly, but baseball, you could say it’s a whole different ball game. Have you ever tried to just pick up a bat and hit a ball coming 90+ Mph at you? Not only that, can you do that while the ball is traveling in different directions, coming right for you one second, then popping the catcher’s glove the next? It’s safe to say it’s not an easy task to accomplish, and unlike other sports hitting the ball 3 out of 10 times is absolutely great at the major league level. Not in any other sport can you shoot 3 out of 10 free throws, or complete 3 out of 10 passes and be considered one of the best in the league. This is one example statistically of why baseball is the hardest and most physically demanding sport to play. But wait

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