Why Bad Things Happen around the World

Topics: Truth, The Real World, Beanie Sigel Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: October 19, 2009
In the lyrics of "Why" by Jadakiss, the song is interpreting why all these hard things happen all around the world. Like for instance when someone gets shots or someone gets hurt; sometimes people wonder why these things happen. About how people can party a lot but never really see what's beyond the partying. They are too focused on the partying to see what is really out there. Alcohol isn't the answer to everything but then again people drink it to forget their problems.

The same as in drugs; people may use them to get away from personal issues. Those are some points that I see Jadakiss trying to point out in this song.How people get locked up for all the things they do and some might not even be criminals; they may just be accused for somthing they probable didn't do. About how sad people are about all the things that are happening all around the world. People lie out there when they could just speak the truth.

How people all throught the world are suffering from what everyone is doing to each other. That there could be kind people out there in the world but it is hard to find them. The reason why it becomes hard is because people get caught up in their own evil world. People all throughout America are dying for the war and fighting for our country. Them there's others out there not appreciating what they do for us.

This song is very meaningful to a lot of people out there for their own circumstances. People don't appreciate what they have and want what they don't have. While others out there don't even have a little bit of something. "Why" is an awesome song for the meaningful lyrics that it contains. It can really get to you because if you have sufferered any type of situation like the one said by the writer then it will have a powerfull meaning to you.

The reason why i chose this song as one of my favorites is because it speaks the truth. The truth about how getting in the industry is really hard. Even though people make it seem like its so cool...
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