Why Attending School Is Important

Topics: Higher education, Military, College Pages: 3 (1125 words) Published: May 6, 2012
The decision to attend college has undeniably always been of tremendous significance. However, the third millennium offers new possibilities because in parallel of the traditional brick and mortar colleges, digital universities have progressively appeared over the past decade. However, what triggers someone to enter such a kind of virtual institution of higher education? What can expect an individual from them? Does it necessitate particular competences? Do the curriculums present new or supplementary impediments? What are the ingredients of a successful story? Such questions haunt the nights of countless would-be students, and especially one of them: me. Economic and social reasons are the major constitutive factors that sparked off my motivation for attending college. Conventional wisdom has it that a degree has monetary implications on the employment market. However, in 1998, a study conducted by Institute for Higher Education Policy confirmed that degree holders harvest more financial benefits than high school graduates or dropouts. The first clue is that a Bachelor notably increases the earning power by about 75%. The second indicator is that unemployment rate with a Bachelor is half as important as with a High School Diploma. The third gain is in relation with savings since a graduate has a superior pecuniary potential and therefore economizes more. The fourth point is concerned with working conditions. Indeed, graduates habitually keep white-collar jobs. Accordingly, the employee's situation is less strenuous and health impairing. The fifth indicator is of noteworthy weight in global economy for linked with the professional, and to some extent personal, mobility. On the one hand, among that trouble, two other social motives are fundamental for my common law wife and me. Actually, our goal is to create a family and provide our household with maximum security in the long term as regards health protection and quality of life for our future progeny. All those...
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