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OCT 26, 2014
Getting a college degree is something very important a person can do in their lives. But sometimes in our lives we may wait and attend college later in life. But whenever you do decide to attend college, it is very important to pick a learning style to would help with all the studying you have to do. As we grow older your style might change from when you were in high school. It is very important to pick one that works so that you will have success throughout school.

College is something I really wasn’t interested in. Growing up my father was always trying to get me to attend college. But after graduation, I decided that college is something I didn’t want to do. So I worked some odd jobs before I decided to join the military. Once I did join the military, it opened my eyes in seeing that to stay competitive, I need some kind of college degree. Once I do get out of the Army, what kind of of life would I have, if I don’t have some sort of education? This is the same question that I have asked myself so many times. So after discussing my plans with my wife, I finally decided to attend college. It was really hard at first because I was out of high school 10 years already. So the first class I took was very nerve racking. But I did get through the class really easy, so I moved onto some more classes. I am really glad I took the opportunity while I was active duty, to take college courses and military courses that count towards my degree. As I continue towards the end of my degree, it has me thinking about going even farther to obtain a Masters degree. But I need to take it step by step.

Everyone has a different learning style, it all depends which one helps him or her out the best. As for me it always has been the same one. In order for me to learn better, it needs to be hands on. I learn so much better in a classroom environment. The main reason I take online classes...

References: http://www.engr.ncsu.edu/learningstyles/submit.php
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