Why Athletes Use Steroids

Topics: Barry Bonds, Home run, Sammy Sosa Pages: 3 (1236 words) Published: December 14, 2005
Paul Walsh
Dr. Aziz
Psychology 1000


Why do so many Athletes feel that they need to use performance enhancing drugs? Our society loves to place athletes on an iconic status they expect to see a good show day in and day out. They want to see bigger athletes playing, bigger home runs in baseball, bigger hits in football, and faster times ran in track meets. Our society is very demanding in these issues they want to see these big plays on sportscenters top ten plays and these 500 bombs ft. that just rocket of bats. Then when a little controversy arises about these performance enhancing drugs an athlete may be taking our country will turn their back on that person as soon as they hear of such a thing. Then after all the allegations of pro athletes using steroids I turn on my favorite show sportscenter and have to listen some college geek who couldn't make high school swim team talk about how the game is tarnished and its not pure anymore. Shit as long as young kids are playing football and baseball in the parks and having a good time then I still see the game as pure as it has ever been. If these little twerps did not put such high expectations on athletes with their preseason all everything teams then maybe athletes wouldn't feel it so necessary to do such a thing to their body. But from my experiences as a college athlete there is tons of pressure put on you to succeed by fans, coaches, and administrators that some feel necessary to gain as much of an edge as possible. That includes cheating if need be because that is what athletes are doing by taking steroids they are cheating the game and all of those involved with them. Every athlete wants glory every athlete wants to leave something behind every athlete wants his legacy to be remembered they want to be talked about forever. Like Babe Ruth his name will never be forgotten even though his home run record was broken. People will never forget him people...
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