Why Animal Testing is Wrong

Pages: 2 (865 words) Published: May 29, 2014
Animal testing must stop
By:Shaniqua Wright

Animal testing started with Ancient Greeks. It go back as far as 258 BC. Since than humans depend on animal testing for every product or medications. Animal testing must stop because animals don't have a voice to stand for their own rights, humans and animals are not the same, it's cruel,animal testing is useless or/and dangerous to humans, animal testing is expensive, and animal testing is ineffective.

Animals don't have a voice to stand up for their rights. They can't tell us what's wrong and what's right to them. Do you think it's fair that we test on something that don't have a say? It's like testing on a human who can't speak. It's time to insist, that they stop harming defenseless animals and wasting health care dollars so they can get busy saving our lives. All animals have the right to be treated as equally important as humans are. They have the right not to be used for experimentation.

One objection is that testing on animals helps us understand the negative effect of a product. Humans and animals are not the same. The use of animals as models for the development of human medications and disease almost always fails because humans and animals have different physiologies. All but a very few diseases are species-unique, and the only efficient and effective way to discover cures and create vaccines is through the use of the same species' cells, tissue and organ. Tests done on the animals end up having different results when use by humans. Several ways human are different from animals are that rodents deposit plague (fatty acids) in the liver, when human deposit plaque in the blood vessels. Rats don't have a gall badder where as human do. Cats lack an enzyme that make it impossible for them to metabolize ibuprofen and the circulation system of a dog is different because they walk on four legs and we walk on two.

It's very cruel to test on animals. Do you have any ideas of what they are...
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