Why an Education Is Important

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February 1, 2012
Exemplification Essay
Why an Education Is Important
Education is the most important aspect in people’s lives. Education is becoming even more important than it have been in the past. There are many reasons why an education is important. Education paves the way for many concepts that are instilled and taught in individuals at a young age. It can make your dreams a reality, develop personal growth, and improve quality of life. In today’s society, education is essential in order to be successful economically and socially. The benefits of education are endless. Why is an education so important? First, without an education it is hard to succeed in the modern world we live in today. At the start of a very young age, children learn to develop and use mental, moral, and physical abilities through various types of education. Education begins at home. When children are young they acquire knowledge from a teacher, a parent, family member, or those they come in contact with. We are taught by examples, how to think and behave independently. We learn to develop life skills as children such as sharing with others, learning to use good manners, and having respect for others. We learn healthy and productive ways to grow into socially active adults. It is through education instilled in us at a young age that we develop critical thinking skills, a healthy living lifestyle, and self-confidence to be successful in the modern world. Next, education can make your dreams come true. From the time when I was a child, I had dreams of becoming a teacher or doing something that would help others in a positive way. I no longer want to be a teacher, but have a dream of becoming a Psychologist. Education will open doors to attaining the training and learning experiences for brilliant career opportunities I need to fulfill my dream. Education equips us with all that is needed to make dreams come true. Education helps career development in...
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