Why American Schools Should Not Have Block Scheduling

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Mrs. Wilkinson
Advanced English III
Why American Schools Should Not Have Block Scheduling
In the 1990's, American schools started converting from normal Eight period, fifty minute classes to Four period ninety minute block scheduled classes. This schedule was implemented, so that teachers could fit more in to a class session, then what they were use to be able to. Now in days, most American schools use this system as their main scheduling system. But what many people do not know is that, it is doing harm to the students who have to go through their school years under this system. American schools should not have block scheduling because it causes Retention Problems, it causes Problems with Specific Classes, such as Math, Science, AP classes, Foreign Languages, and Music Programs and it also causes Difficulty when a student is absent from school (Lindsay 3). Having normal and constant everyday fifty minute classes will help improve, homework turn ins, test scores and the overall understanding of each subject in a student's school schedule.

Although many students today are capable of remembering more things than the average adult, research shows that it is more beneficial for someone that is trying to learn something, to go over the subject multiple times so that the information is constantly present, and therefore easier for the brain to recall whenever necessary (Dr. Barr). When we think of block scheduling, say a student has AP United States History, a class that the student finds difficult, he starts of the week with that class on a Monday, but he will not have that class until Wednesday of that same week, that is a period of forty-eight hours that he is not present in that subject. Now as we have seen, Dr. Barr informs us that, for a subject to be remembered and for it to stick in the mind, it is necessary for the student to keep it constantly in his head. We can see then, that block scheduling is not the best scheduling system for this, because of that forty-eight hour period gap, in which the student goes through the rest of his classes.

Not every class in high school is the same, you have your Core Classes, which would be Math, English, Science, and Social Studies. but those are not the only classes involved in a high school students day, he might also have AP or Advanced Placement classes, classes that move the level of both the class and the material to that of a college class instead of a high school level class. Now these classes require constant review. Because of their increased information, and long ninety minute sessions, it is easy for students to lose focus in what they are doing, and more importantly in what they are learning. Adding to that problem, the two day gap in which the student does not return to that class, can make it hard for him to understand or fully grasp the idea that the teacher is trying to give in each of his lectures. Another set of classes that take much time and practice to master, are foreign languages. Many high school students are encouraged to take Foreign languages to have one less course to take in college, others want to learn a language to be able to talk to people in their community that speak the language, and others are just intrigued by a language and want to master it and enjoy the benefits and the beauties of that language. whatever the case may be, for a student to master a language, it takes time and consistency (4), something that Block Scheduling cannot provide. Having a block schedule, and taking a foreign language is very hard to do, because of the two day time gap, most if not all the information in the lesson is forgotten unless the student practices during that two day time gap. this causes problems for the student, because it is as if he were running on a treadmill, he is running and working all of his muscles, but he never leaves his post, he is always remains in the same place. Without that consistency, it will be very hard for the...

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