Why American Children Are Obese and Overweight

Topics: Nutrition, Hamburger, Fast food restaurant Pages: 2 (652 words) Published: April 2, 2013
For a nation created off of sweat and physical endurance, America is one of the most unhealthy countries in the twenty first century. Now days if people wants things done, they can accomplish most things with just a push of a button.

Convenience, low prices, and the dramatic lack of exercise are three main reasons why the majority of American children are overweight. I live in a small town and almost everywhere i go i always see more than one fast food restaurant and lots of advertising. With all of this fast food and advertisements on every block everywhere in town makes it very convenient, easy and comfortable to the point where it becomes a daily rather unhealthy fast food routine. It really must be in the modern day human nature that “faster is better” because with the food already prepped and ready to eat, all you really have to do is pay a simple fee for the “speedy service” of the fast food restaurant saving you time to cook yourself! Now you won’t be late for work or don’t even have to worry about your children being late for school or even going to school on an empty stomach.

Of course there are healthier fast food franchises in the fast food industry but there’s also a major price difference. Fact: you can go to a subway and purchase a foot long value meal with the choice of any or even all veggies to go with it for about 8 dollars. Versus mcdonalds, where you can purchase eight mcdoubles for the same price! True, you can slice that foot long sandwitch into 8 pieces and share amongst each other. But you will most likely not have the satisfaction as if you had bought the dollar burgers from mcdonalds because you get almost twice as much as you would buy if you bought from subway.Americans think “cheaper is better” which sometimes i favor that saying too, but only because you get more food which means a fuller stomach. But really, do you think the cheap price is worth the high blood pressure, cholesterol, or even diabetes? Most Americans...
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