why am i here?

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Do you ever lie awake, wondering why am I born? Why am I here? Why do I need to die? Why do I need to do things that have purpose? Why do I have to breathe? Why do I need to drink when I feel thirsty, eat when I feel hungry or learn new things every day? Why? A person often says that everything has a purpose. So why do we have to live and die? Millions of people are thrown in a situation called life but we never ask why we are here. Why in the world am I here? I know this is the most common question we usually ask but it is not usually answered correctly. If anything has a purpose, then what is it? Why do people spend their whole lives finding their purpose in life; some look and don't even know what they’re looking for and some just want to find out because they just felt to. Whatever the reason is, you have your whole life to spend in searching for an answer in that question. If you ask me if I know the purpose of my life, I’ll tell you that even I, myself, don’t really have a decent answer. I always heard this question a lot. Everyone ask this, even I find it asking too, and it’s really hard to answer it especially if I have no idea why am I even here. I like to believe the saying that everything happens for a purpose and that whatever happens to us is that there is a reason behind it. But this is just my opinion and I don’t expect everyone shares the same opinion as I do. So what it is it? Why is that we kept on asking the reason of our existence? Everyone that I had ever contact with taught me something, whether it is good or bad I don’t care because every time I interact with them they always give me a reason why am I here and how can I survive the everyday challenges. I could make a list of the things that I think the reason why I am here: my family, best friends, and the people who make me smile, to smile, to experience happiness, to reach my dream which is to become a doctor. I fear that none of what I think I am here for matters and...
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