Why Abortion is Murder

Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion Pages: 3 (1139 words) Published: December 5, 2008
Savannah Holtam Opinion paper – ABORTION March 6, 2008 English 105 – Saturdays “Mommy Don’t Murder Me” Abortion is murder of an innocent human life. An innocent baby should not have to die because people choose to be irresponsible; there are other ways around abortion. The best way to avoid getting an abortion is giving your baby to a loving family. There are people that cannot conceive children of their own. Everyone should take responsibility for their own actions, and step up to the plate. The child that is being aborted is your son/daughter. They will love you unconditionally. They will look up to their parents, and respect them. Children will laugh when they are happy, and cry when hurting. A child should always have someone to be there to love them, and teach them how to be a better person. I love my son more then life it self, and to me life is not worth living without him. I could never live with myself, knowing Iended a human life. This child could be the future president; they deserve a chance to be all they can be. You can not take away someone’s life; it is not your decisionto make. God and only God can decide when to end someone’s life. In the United States it is legal for a womanto terminate her pregnancy with no questions asked as long as she is 24 weeks or less. At 24 weeks a fetus is a moving, breathing human being, with a beating heart. An unborn child comes into this world a helpless, innocent,and defenseless. If my mother was unable to care for me; I would not want to be aborted. I am glad that I am here today breathing and living life, No matter how hard my life has been or what challenges I have been faced with; I thank god everyday to be here on this beautiful planet earth. Everyone deserves the chance at life. Everyone will grow into a beautiful strong human being. When I look at my beautiful, smiling son I wonder how someone can abort their pregnancy. I got pregnant when I was only fifteen years old; abortion was never an option...
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