WHose REality 2

Topics: Death of a Salesman, Arthur Miller, Truth Pages: 2 (940 words) Published: June 23, 2015

Responding to the idea that our past events and knowledge affect how we perceive actualities, I have responded using a expository analysis in the form of a hybrid expository creative essay directed at young adults who have conscientious views on global events and the ideals that pervade society. I will incorporate inclusive language throughout the response with numerous phrases using ‘us” and “our society” to bring a sense of responsibility to readers along with a shared understanding towards my views. Utilizing ideas and views explored by American playwright Arthur Miller along with the social philosophies of American politician Frank A. Clark allows me to paint a more intricate picture of how different experiences may alter our different perceptions of reality. Colors flickered across the blank canvas as I thrust and twirled the brush across the surface. Vermillion, violet and mauve intertwined together to create a fountain of colour. I was a master and this was my masterpiece. Different splashes of colour came together to create a vibrant jungle, full of illuminating colors, each stroke appeared in the exact place I envisioned it. I was born into the wrong world. The world of colour is where I belonged. Sadly, the world I live in couldn’t offer me that. I wanted to be one with my picture, to join its canvas page and become one with the perfection I had crafted. Whilst we may exist in an absolute state of being, our own knowledge and events influence how we see it, ultimately blinding us from seeing the real truth. Everybody has their own reality defined by the limited borders of environment and experience. Whilst all of us are created as equals, life quickly finds a way to change that. Everyone becomes blinded by memories and knowledge as they are left to discover their own truth. The doomed “Willy Loman” from Arthur Miller’s social study “Death of a Salesman” portrays a man who is but an “empty skin” waiting to be “thrown out” by the progression of...
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