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5Cannot divide by zero Analytical Moves

1.) The first analytical move is Suspend Judgement, which means just to not respond to things with like or dislikes and agreeing or disagreeing. Just to anaylze something based on purley what it is for what it is and not what you think about it. This relates to my photo because when I describe the photo I am describing what I see in the photo not what it makes me think about or what it means to me.

2.) The second move is Define Significant Parts and How They're Related, which is just to divide the subject into defining parts and then consider how these parts are related to each other and to the subject. How this relates to my photo is that the subject is Alex, and the defining parts of the photo are the snowboarding, and extreme sports which then is divided into history, significance, who, and why people do it. Also the snowboarding relates to sailing in the way that they are both extreme sports.

3.) The third move is Look For Patterns Of Repitition and Contrast and For Anomaly (The Method, which is just what it says. to look for patterns of repitition, look for binary oppositions and organizing contrasts and look for anomalies-things that seem unusual, that seem not to fit. How this relates to my photo is that there is repetition in the reoccurance of extreme sports and being injured. How it relates to binary oppositions, is that extreme sports talk a lot about the risk and danger of death, but on the other hand it is about having fun and being a free spirit, life. There are no real anomalies in the photo.

4.) The fourth move is to make the Implcit Explicit, which is just to make the implied but not stated things, stated. This relates to my photo because I will be discussing extreme sports, which are not stated in the photo just implied by the notion of snowboarding. Also the unimplied notions of the history of extreme sports, its impact on society, and of who, and why people do it. All of these are Implicit I...
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