Whole Foods: a Whole-Istic Strategy

Topics: Organic food, Organic certification, National Organic Program Pages: 3 (706 words) Published: May 3, 2010
1.Define Whole foods’ “product”. How does it deliver value to customers?

The Whole Foods Market chain was the first retailer in the United States offering products to its customers that are natural (grown without being treated with growth hormones or antibiotics) and ’certified organic’. The product of Whole Foods are organic, natural and gourmet foods, taking into account the environment as an important factor, and making of the earth the first priority. they’re not a company selling cheap products but they’re a company selling quality and health to their customers. They’re not giving importance to businnes, but to quality and satisfy their customers. Whole foods is not only taking care of their customers but also of the environment and of our oplanet.

Whole foods deliver value to their customers by selling the highest quality natural and organic products available, satisfying and delighting their customers, supporting team member happiness and excellence, creating wealth through profits and growth, caring about communities and the environment, creating ongoing win-win partnerships with their suppliers and promoting the health of their stakeholders through healthy eating education.

2.Organic food are becoming very popular. Many chains, including Wal-Mart, have begun offering and expading their selection of organics. Does this pose a competitive threat to Whole Foods?

Wal-Mart represent a big threat to the Whole Foods stores, because it is starting to offer organic products at lower prices and if consumers start to see this in Wal-mart they’re going to start buying in there, but now in the USA all Products sold as “Organic” must now meet the requirements of the USDA Organic Rule, and every product most under a number show how organic is their product, that could be an advantage for Whole Foods because it can show that the quality meet the prices that they have, and for Wal-Mart could be a little difficult to have such quality product at such a low...
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