Whole Food Market

Topics: Employment, Whole Foods Market, Psychology Pages: 1 (303 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Whole Food Market pay more attention on group conception, every shop is divided into eight groups: they are included seafood group, reception group, and so on. The performance of each shop is depends on every group and every team member work together. Whole Food markets refer to employ people who have passion to healthy food. They set the new employee in one group and give them four weeks to test them if they can get the work. After the period, all groups will vote to decide if they can pass the test. Only the employees who pass the test can work there for long term. The reason of the serious employee processing is the bonus is related closely with the performance of each employee, so employing staff is quite important, they should be do work like groups not selfish. The salary of employee is much higher than other similar organisations. The ‘wealth’ magazine select 100 best employed companies every year, Whole Food is at the fifth In2007 and that is the tenth year which they are on the list. Whole Food market has special enterprise culture. At the first, there are no secrets on the management, even the salary. As usury, salary and women’s ages are the topics people would never talk about, but that is not true in the whole food market. Every shop has a salary list, which can be seen by all employees. That is very strange, isn’t it, but that is the different way the whole food markets operate. After that, the market also cares about the return for investment, because profit is the basic of success enterprise and development. However, Whole Foods think profit should be shared, so most staff has stock acquisition rights. That is the way Whole Food market inspire the employee to work harder.
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