Who's Taylor Swift Anyway?

Topics: Music video, Rock music, Tempo Pages: 4 (1352 words) Published: February 26, 2014
Known for her songs about heartaches and young love, Taylor Swift has found a way for making the age twenty-two better than eighteen and twenty-one combined. Taking a break from her more known country style, Taylor’s cute and sassy lyrics describe the joys of being a twenty-two year old. With one hundred and eighteen million views to date on YouTube, the music video “22” has found a way of touching all girls that just want to let go and have a fun night. Taylor Swift uses simple outfits, playful behavior, video effects and a fast tempo to display the pride and satisfaction she has received with the age twenty-two.

Anyone who has ever been to a Taylor Swift concert can probably tell you that she likes to dress up to the theme of her songs, even going as far as wearing a marching band uniform. In her music video “22”, she takes another approach by wearing everyday clothes that are appropriate for the twenty-two year old she is singing about. In the first shot of the video, the mood has already been set when the viewer reads her “NOT A LOT GOING ON AT THE MOMENT” shirt. Her outfit is simple but also very complex at the same time. With her many Grammy’s and numerous top singles on iTunes, we assume that her shirt isn’t talking about her career but rather something else, possibly her dating life. She maintains this carefree attitude by accessorizing the outfit with a black fedora, red heart sunglasses and classic red lips. She goes on singing the line “dress up like hipsters” just as she is imitates this style by putting on a pair of “hipster” black framed glasses. Another way she emulates the “hipster” style is when she is seen in her next outfit wearing high-waisted shorts and a bandana tied as a headband. After such bold clothing choices, a softer and neutral palette is introduced when the scene is taken to the beach, just before the chorus. As night arrives, Taylor puts on a pair of sparkling cat ears paired with both a glittery shirt and skirt....

Cited: Swift, Taylor. “22.” Red. Big Machine Records, 2013. Music Video. Dir. Anthony Mandler. ABC News. 13 March 2013.
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