Who's Cheap

Topics: Woman, Gender, Man Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Man should not be Cheap
“who’s cheap “ is written by Lara. This story is about a young woman who has a boyfriend who is really cheap. He never offers to pay anything first. He complains about things expensive but he never helps to pay. When he pays for something, he asks her to take care of the next one. She also gives a lot of examples about cheap guys. Some guys park two miles away to avoid the parking lot fee. There are also some women, with bad value, who let guys pay all the time; even though, he runs out of money. Then she gives some tricks which women can avoid paying. Then she ends the story with funny story. It’s about a man who offers his wife to help clean the house, but it’s not right to do that because it’s his house. So anyway, men should not be cheap.

I am really like this story. It’s really funny when it makes me think that men should pay all the time no matter what. Man is strong gender, but it doesn’t mean that men have to pay all the time. A man is supported to be more generous than a woman. A man should not be cheap, and I agree with that. A man must be more generous. A man need to show the level of generosity which is appropriate. It could be based on how close a relationship is. If a man is generous to a normal friend, a girl, then she might think “Oh, he likes me or something just not right”. He might get a lot of trouble after all. I have a funny story. I have a friend. He is so generous to everyone not just women. One day he meets a girl in a library, who sits next to him. He hears she is saying that that there is no one drives her home, and she runs out of money at that time. He comes over her and offers to drive her home. She is very surprised because she does not know who he is. Then she says “No, thanks”, and then she walks away. He keeps following her. Then she stops and says “what do you want”. He pulls out $10 and says “Bus”. She is so scared, so she runs away. Now she is his girl-friend....
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