Who I Am as a Teenager

Topics: Family, Natural environment, Human Pages: 3 (1011 words) Published: February 4, 2011
A Normal Teenager
Who am I? This uncertainty has to be one of the most common to go through a teenager’s brain. As a regular teenager, I make mistakes, laugh, cry, smile and love. Every experience in my life good or bad, happy or sad makes me stronger. Each step in my life and each passing moment make me grow into the person I want to be. To understand who I am, I have to talk about things that help to shape my identity like my past, the culture where I come from, the environment where I grow up and my family Our history influences our patriotism and our nationalistic tendencies. As I have been growing up, I notice that my entire background have influenced in who I am. My history helps me to remember where my ancestors came from. By remembering that, I will understand my heritage, more about me, and how I should live my life the best I can. History is not only telling me about how my family’s ancestors lived their lives, but also show me my culture, my tradition, and the way that I think. The family history of everybody marks their past, their present, and their future, because the consequences of the actions remain in time. Our culture influences, to an extent, everything in our lives, from how we are schooled, the morals we are taught and other influences on our lives such as sports we play, foods we eat, clothes we wear, music we listen to and how we feel. All these examples represent my culture. It makes me different and identifies me with my birthplace, and I feel important in this world because of these differences. I was born in a small city in Vietnam, and I did not have any brother or sister. As the only child in my family, I grew up in a very loving, caring and educating family environment. However, grew up in that type of sheltered environment prevented me from seeing the outside world. My only friends were my toys, so when I started pre-school, it was really different for me because there were a lot more kids than I was used to seeing. Since I did...
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