who would you hire and why

Topics: Retailing, Sales, Management Pages: 1 (310 words) Published: February 9, 2014

Determining weather a specific candidate is the right fit for your organization’s culture and work style can be challenging. When thinking about finding the right person for your organization, you need to first understand your own organization’s culture and work style. Who Would You Hire and Why

In looking over the different candidate for this position, I have chosen Jyoti, Manager of Wireless Retail store. In Jyoti’s brief description of herself she says, “I trained salespeople and due to my expertise in sales, their revenues rose 60% last year. I am looking to expand into corporate sales because I know that I am an expert at sales and have a solid foundation in what customers want from their cellular service. I am single, therefore I am available to travel and work long hours.” For me as a hiring manager a person with a proven sales background is key. The product may change but sales and developing those relationships stays the same. She is willing to work long hours and is available to travel. As a hiring manager I am not looking for a cookie cutter candidate, the information provided stated that sales had been lacking, therefore it is critical to balance the team with a diverse set of background, experiences ideas and working styles. Finding the candidate who is the best cultural fit for the organization can be a very challenging task. It requires insight into the organization’s culture and keen observation of the candidate’s personality and work style. Jyoti expressed her willingness to travel and work the long hours needed to do this job. She also has a proven track record in sales. Having managed people in her previous position she has shown leadership in being able to motivate her staff by increasing her sales numbers 60%.
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