Who Was Responsible For Oedipus's Downfall

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Although Oedipus is an ideal leader who saved Thebes from the monstrous Sphinx, his fatal flaws of anger and pride ultimately lead to his tragic downfall. One example of Oedipus's flaw that caused his downfall is his hot temper. Because of Oedipus’s hot temper, he acts before he thinks. One example of his quick temper occurs when Oedipus killed Laius where three highways meet. Laius, who was in a rush to get to the Oracle of Delphi to save Thebes, tried to run Oedipus off of the rode with his colt-drawn chariot. Enraged, Oedipus attacked and killed Laius and all but one of his guards. “The groom jostled me and I in fury landed him a blow,” Oedipus stated regretfully. Oedipus’s pride is connected to his anger because his pride fuels his anger. Even as a young …show more content…
“Oh, I fled from there, I measure out the stars to put all of heaven in between the land of Corinth and such a damned destiny," Oedipus shouted ferociously. Perhaps the most significant example of Oedipus’s flaw of pride occurs when he hears of Polybus’s death. When the messenger from Corinth tells Oedipus the news, joy consumes Oedipus. Although his father is dead Oedipus now believes that he is free of the curse of the gods. “Aha, my wife! So we are done with delving into Pythian oracles, this jangled mongering with birds on high, which foretold—yes, had it all arranged—that I should kill my father. Ha! He’s dead,” Oedipus exclaims with great joy. The messenger tells Oedipus that he came to bring him home, but Oedipus will not go home because he is scared of the curse. Oedipus tells the messenger the curse, and that he will not go home because his mother is still alive. The messenger is surprised because he knows that Merope and Polybus are not his real parents. The messenger then goes on to tell Oedipus that he received him as a baby from a shepherd, and he gave Oedipus to the king and queen of

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