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Who Was Really Responsible for Wwi?

By asquared Jan 04, 2011 285 Words
After considering all primary and secondary sources, I think that the Austro-Hungarian Government had a big responsibility when Franz Ferdinand was assassinated and were stubborn enough not to accept any pity from the Serbian government. Instead, they used the pity as a way to abuse the power they had over Serbia. Yes, a Jugoslav did assassinate Franz Ferdinand, but despite the fact that he had treated the South Slavs without any mercy, the Serbian Government had still sent their condolences and offered all the help they could give. This showed how the Serbian government clearly wanted to keep peace with Austria-Hungary and had not wanted this to cause any more tension then there already was. Since Austria-Hungary is known as one of the central powers during this time period and was seen as an intimidating country in general, they had used this perception of others as their tactic to get more than what Serbia had offered them. I believe that justice was not enough for the Austro-Hungarian government, they wanted more. This was why they sent Serbia an Ultimatum. Involving two countries that had built up tension between each other indicates that the Ultimatum will contain a request or two that both may not completely agree with. Austria-Hungary had most probably thought of this ahead of time and when they had sent the Ultimatum, they already had in mind that a war will begin between the two. If Austria-Hungary just accepted the help that Serbia was willing to give from the aftermath of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, this may have not triggered the other events that happened once the war between Austria-Hungary vs. Serbia had begun.

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