Who Supports the Republican Party and Why?

Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: October 31, 2013
Who supports the republican party and why?

The Republican Party is the Party of the preservation of tradition and conservative views. They have been well known to be the "Grand Old Party". They have been around since the 1780's and stayed with their key principles till today. The stereotypical Republican voter will be definitively described as; a white, middle aged, middle/upper class, religious, male. That perception is due to the Republican values and their views on different issues concerning ruling America. The principles that define the republican party are;

* Importance of individual freedom.
* Importance of personal responsibility.
* Reduction in the powers of the Federal government.
Those principles attract different groups of people varying from business and wealthy voters to the elderly voters. On average men tend to vote republican as we seen they tend to favor of gun laws and strict crime punishment compared to women, as traditionally it was seen that a man should be capable of protecting his family. Due to that the ideology of reducing the Federal bureaucracy and returning the power to the states would allow the Men, to support the idea of protecting the individualism in the society. Ronald Reagan promised to make the federal government smaller a which is known as the new federalism. Reagan believed that local governments knew what their community wanted more than Washington and he pushed for a development in the power of the states. White voters tend to prefer the republican party as they unlike the Democrat Party are more against immigration and are not identifying so much with the minority groups. However, the Hispanic part of the American society strongly identifies with the traditional views of preserving the conventional family values. Which may seem as a foul move for the Hispanics as the republicans are strongly against their presence in the US. Elderly are attracted by the Republican Party as they believe in the conservation...
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