Who Stole My Cheese

Topics: The Wall, Accept, A Story Pages: 2 (831 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Book: Who Moved My Cheese?

By: Spencer Johnson, M.D.
Who Moved My Cheese is a book about the different ways people handle change in their life. The story begins as a group of friends meet after their high school reunion. The group was discussing how so many things have changed since high school, and then one of the young men in the group, began to tell a story about change that everyone could relate to. The story contains four fictional characters; Sniff and Scurry are mice, Hem and Haw are little people, they all live in a maze and their main goal in life is to find cheese. The four characters run in the maze every day looking for cheese. They all found cheese in the same spot, at cheese station C. Hem and Haw were happy, finding cheese made them feel successful and safe. They put away their running shoes and moved their homes close to station C and built a life there. The mice, Sniff and Scurry, used a simple daily method for finding cheese; they were prepared to search for new cheese if they needed to. They were not as confident as Hem and Haw. They would return to Cheese station C every day for cheese, but they also kept their running shoes with them and were aware that things could change at anytime. Each day the stock of cheese started getting smaller and smaller, until there was no cheese left. Sniff and scurry noticed the cheese was getting smaller every day so when the cheese was no longer there; they were ready to move on and started searching the maze for new cheese. Hem and Haw became comfortable and didn’t notice change. Hem and Haw were unprepared and Hem shouted “Who moved my cheese?” they spent several days trying to process what had happened and why it happened to them. Hem and Haw came back to cheese station C every day and waited but there was no cheese. They decided to knock a hole in the wall of cheese station C because they thought the cheese was hiding inside. They worked a long time and when they finally got a...
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