who speaks two languages is worth two (proposal essay)

Topics: Spanish language, Multilingualism, Second language Pages: 3 (874 words) Published: November 13, 2013

Sthefani Rojas
Natalie Meyer
Composition I
Who speaks two languages is worth two
“To have another language is to possess a second soul.”

Coming from a different country is not easy for anyone, specially if you don't know the language. Being in a place were everyone speaks a language that you don't understand, and adapting to a place you must call home its probably one of the most scary and insecure moments of your life. One of the reasons for immigrants to travel to the U.S would be to have a much better future not just for them but for their family's. Many of them try to provide their children with a much better education and build a much better future then what they experienced. But how are children suppose to learn if they can't speak the language they grew up with? How are they suppose to learn something new when they haven't perfected their first language.

In my opinion in order to learn something new you must perfect any skills that fit with what you are trying to learn. Its just like playing a sport or an instrument. You must practice until you learn how to perform it 1,000 times better than what you started off with and It should be almost perfect. That's why I propose it should be a requirement for public schools in each state (or states were the most Hispanics are registered) to have at least two bilingual classes, from grade school through high school. It would not only change the future of certain students by learning both languages at the same time but it will also increase parents and teachers participation. Parents would be more secure to participate in school events such as conferences,sports and performing arts with out being intimidated. Teachers could have more open conversations with students parent's about their child's progress and help the m understand the basic concept of helping their child with school work. They can accomplish this by doing simple actions such as...
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