Who Shops at Walmart?

Topics: Brand, Advertising, Conscientious objector Pages: 1 (337 words) Published: November 11, 2008
The essay mainly talks about Wal-Mart is interested to develop new formats to attract more people who don’t usually shop there. Wal-Mart began advertising for a merchandising executive to help evaluate new formats. The advertising team is looking into formats to push into upscale convenience stores on the West Coast because Wal-Mart’s smaller brand, the more upscale Sam’s Club, has been growing much faster than Wal-Mart. The researdi document breaks US. Shoppers into seven segments - three like Wal-Mart a lot and four doesn’t like it so much. There are 56% of customers loves Wal-Mart which still outnumber the haters at 44%. The three kinds of price-sensitive shoppers who like Wal-Mart are “Price-Value Shoppers”, “Brand Aspirationals” and the “Price-Sensitive Affluents”. For people who doesn’t like Wal-Mart are the “Less Price Sensitive Segments’” which are “Social Shoppers”, “Trend Quality Seekers”, “Convenience Seekers” and the “Conscientious Objectors”.

Among the price-sensitive shoppers, 16% are the “Price-Value Shoppers” which are the core customer of Wal-Mart and they’re more loyal to the retailer. “Brand Aspirationals” constitute 29% and they want to save on brand names but want brand-name goods and they are more urban and younger black or Hispanic. 11% are the “Price-Sensitive Affluents” with roughly median-average income and they tend to be male, white, married guys.

On the other side, 7% out of the 44% of the less-price sensitive segments are the “Social Shoppers”. They like to shop for fun as for need and they see Wal-Mart is less fun than some alternatives. 12% are the “Trendy Quality Seeker” and they found that Wal-Mart is not trendy at all. 11% are the “Convenience Seekers”, people found that the 200,000-square-foot store isn’t a good quick stop. The last segment which constitutes 14% is the “Conscientious Objectors”. They have a variety of reasons to refuse to shop at one retail chain or other....
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