who owns the lce house

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A part of marketing communication mix that I most enjoy and that touches me in the greatest way is advertising. The way the sender gets their message thru to the receiver has always been what has grabbed my attention. And the company that has done this flawlessly throughout the years is Nike Co. Nike has always been able to display their message in most aggressive, inspirational and elegant way. They’re able to capture your attention, maybe only for a minute but it’s usually a powerful minute. Recently the Nike Air Jordan brand put a commercial in dedication to Derek Jeter. Derek Jeter is a professional baseball player set to retire at the end of this currant season. So Nike put together a commercial to highlight all of the ‘Respect’ that not only baseball players have for Derek Jeter, but individuals all over. The commercial focused on the simple tilting of the hat forward in showing respect to one another. The Commercial features such people as The former mayor of NYC, Carmelo Anthony, Tiger Wood, Rex Sox’s players (because Derek is a Yankee), Phil Jackson and even Michael Jordan. The commercial showed a lot of class and sent a powerful message to everyone that it not just about sports. It’s about everyone coming together and showing respect to one another whether you’re an athlete or not. It was a universal sign of tilting your hat forward, just like how the cowboys do, that got the attention of everyone watching which Nike seems to do again and again. I would continue to focus on advertising in an effort to bring in more new applicants every year. I would focus on High Schoolers ready to take that next step forward with their education. And offer all the benefits Georgian College has to offer such as smaller class sizes, a community like atmosphere and that we offer many of the attractions and degree programs which university offer as well. A major objective we will have to overcome is the fact that there are many schools to...
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