Who Lies More Men or Women

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Vince Tejada

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May 7, 2009

Liar, Liar, Mini-Skirt on Fire!

Just for a day, I wish to know what women’s thoughts are and see what it really feels like, what they really want to express. There are a lot of complications between men and women, mainly through communication. Our biological functions are so different; you would expect that our life-strategies would be different as well. There is a huge gap between men and women when it comes to relationships, especially towards lying. Men and women both lie, but based on my readings, I have concluded that women lie more than men and they are also better at it.

First, who lies more? Men or women? I bet that it was an experience of a real dramatic, argumentative debate. I have asked a significant amount of people now about this question and I still do not get a majority tenet. This is a mind-boggling, open-ended question. There is an abundant amount of articles on this topic. I have also read books from The definitive book of body languages to The Art of Lying to try and figure out a simple solution. Still, I seem to find myself clueless and confused. Barash says “Women lie as a survival technique, but also to get what they want” (2). This is different than men, who would just try and conquer the scenario to achieve what they want. Women are much better Also, most females lie “more cleverly and successfully than men” (Smith 1). This puzzled me so much that I became almost fervently obsessed in figuring out why women have a better advantage than men.

Women’s brain functions are far more sophisticated than men. According to Plotnik, women actually access more parts of their forebrain when they lie than men. The forebrain contains the largest hemisphere of the brain which consists of four major communicative areas. These areas are the frontal lobe (located on the front), Parietal lobe (top), Temporal lobe (bottom), and the occipital...

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Pease, Allan, Pease, Barbara. The Definitive Book of Body Language. New York, 2008.
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