Who Is to Blame for the Cold War

Topics: Cold War, United States, World War II Pages: 4 (1321 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Who is to blame for the Cold War?

The Cold War starting in 1945 was an escalation between two super powers that were threatened by each other and determined to prove their power. It was political conflict, hostile tensions and a series of miscommunications between the Communist World, the USSR and the capitalists, the United States that made the Cold War a reality. Although the Cold War was caused due to certain circumstances and miscommunications between the powers, the United States is largely to blame for the Cold War. The Cold War was an inevitable situation due to the egos of the two nations and ultimately it was the world and its people that suffered the most.

The United States was a capitalist democracy and USSR was a communist dictatorship. Both sides strongly believed in a certain way of life and felt that they held the key to the future happiness of the human race. These ideologies were totally opposite to each other, which allowed suspicion and mistrust between the two sides to develop. A capitalist economy in which the USA stood by is based on the freedom of individuals and ability to express their opinions. Their own profits belong to the owner and the government is elected by the people. Communism was the ideology that Russia lived by and tried to enforce on the surrounding world. It was a system by which the government controls the future of the individuals as well as the work, the money earned is shared equally amongst society, so there are no social classes. As these ideologies are very different in contrast to each other, tension was unavoidable. It was the United States that took dramatic chances and announced the Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan in 1947. The Truman Doctrine stated that the United States would help Europe and the rest of the world in an attempt to stop the spread of communism. As Greece struggled to bear the expense of their own civil war against communism, President Truman of the United States of America agreed to...
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