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Who is the real monster – Victor Frankenstein or his creation?

By Merian-Eneva Oct 23, 2014 620 Words
/essay/ Mary Shelley wrote the history of Frankenstein in 1816. It gives birth to many questions about society and people. We are still looking for the answers. In this essay I will consider who is the real monster - Victor Frankenstein or his creation. Ever since the doctors creation gets alive, the character starts to call him a monster, devil, demon, etc. This predisposes the reader to accept that the creation is the monster from the question above. Moreover, its appearance is a monstrous, especially his watery eyes. Also he is more powerful than Victor, his height is superior to doctors height, his joins are more supple. But the biggest reason to believe the creature is monster are his monster action. Wanting revenge for his creator, the creature kills his brother and his relatives. Innocent people are accused for this and soon they are executed. Exactly, the murder is the monstrous in his image. However, in chapter A Chance Meeting the monster tells Victor I was benevolent my soul glowed with love and humanity but am I not alone, miserably alone You, my creator, abhor me what hope can I gather from your fellow creatures, who owe me nothing They spurn and hate me. We can see that the reason for its enormity actions is that he feels lonely and abandoned by its creator, who considered his father. Obviously, he seeks his attention and affection Make me happy, and I shall again be virtuous. In my opinion, the Frankensteins creation is not a monster, because despite of his terrible appearance and actions, he is not the one to blame for what he has become. Victor Frankenstein is natural history scientist. With hard work and anxiety, he tries to revive dead tissue. Just like the non-humanist Faust, Frankenstein meddle with God works. This is egoistical. Victor steals body parts he needs by visit to the graveyard, to the charnel house, to the hospital dissecting room and the slaughterhouse. It is dishonorable to bother the Dead. However, he manages to revive his creation. First, it raises excitement in him, even so terrible the monster looks beautiful to him. But as Victor himself says The different accidents of life are not so changeable as the feelings of human nature. Shortly thereafter, he run away from his creation, while a grin wrinkled the monsters cheeks. Despite the good intentions of the creature, hiding in his grin, Victor can not accept that he can feel anything and could want attention and love. Frankenstein is brave enough to meddle with nature, but too coward to look in the eyes the ugly creature made by his own hands. He doesnt even give a name to the creature and calls him all the time with ugly names like devil, vile insect, demon and abhorred moster. Even after his creation reveals his feelings, he says I will not hear you. There can be no community between you and me we are enemies. Although everything in the doctor is monstrous , I believe that it is not a beast. Doctor Frankenstein creates something that can not fight, but in general his behavior and actions are dictated by the psyche of society and that is responsible for Victors suffering. In summary we can say that the characters in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley combined in themselves monster and human, just like people in real life. In some circumstances it appears that they are monsters who do not deserve to live. In other circumstances, we see them very close to us, human, deserving a second chance. This incredible work raises some of the most existential reflections in each of us. For this it will remain one of the best literary creations of XIX century.

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