Who Is Responsible For Othello's Downfall

Topics: Othello, Iago, William Shakespeare, Desdemona, Michael Cassio, Jealousy / Pages: 3 (547 words) / Published: Feb 26th, 2017
What factors contributed to the downfall of Othello?

Othello’s downfall was a resultant of a combination of interdepended factors. Especially Othello’s inherent flaws of jealousy and gullibility nurtured by his trusted ensign, Iago, were an important factor leading to the cause of his downfall. His interactions and relationships with the numerous characters throughout the play were also specifically important. In addition, Othello’s insecurities about his obvious differences also play an important role in his untimely demise.

Othello’s self- assured inadequacies are a catalytic factor that drives his downfall.
Othello is a powerful, black general of the Venetian Army, evolved from humble beginnings. Despite his elevated status, Othello harbours insecurities of his physical discrepancies such as his obvious foreign origins and age, making him feel estranged from the Venetian ‘white’ society and portray him as the outsider.

Othello’s blinding jealousy and ultimately contributes to his downfall. Ever the opportunist, Iago manipulates and
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He manipulates and corrupts Othello’s open and wilful nature and targets Othello's vulnerabilities. “The Moor is of a free and open nature, That thinks men honest that but seem to be so” Through this quote, the audience is given an insight of Iago’s deceptive and evil character. Othello is made susceptible to Iago’s ploy due to the unique and blind trust that Othello places on his ensign. Othello is shrouded to Iago’s true nature hidden by his façade of honesty and dedication. Iago also utilises the vulnerabilities of other characters to his advantage, such as Cassio’s weakness to alcohol and Desdemona’s kind nature. Othello's gullibility becomes another catalyst for his downfall which untimely concludes the otherwise loving relationship and industrious career. His gullible nature accepts Iago's lies as truth and disregards Emilia, Cassio, and his own wife,

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