Who Is Monica Lewinsky?

Topics: Bill Clinton, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky Pages: 4 (1321 words) Published: March 2, 2005
Is Monica simply a hapless White House intern caught in the middle of a media created scandal started by Linda Tripp. Monica Lewinsky is a 24 year old graduate of Lewis and Clark University in Oregon. Daughter of a Democratic contributor she was easily able to get an intern position in the White Horse. Some of Lewinsky's friends have said that she only took the intern position to sleep with important people. If the recent news reports are true Monica Lewinsky got what she was looking for.

Linda Tripp has over 17 tapes of her discussions with Monica Lewinsky describing her sexual relations with President Bill Clinton. Linda Tripp was a high ranking administration assistant formerly of the White House, and now of the Pentagon. In an unusual twist Tripp also happens to be the last person to see Vince Foster alive! Kathleen Willey, another person alleged to have had sexual relations with Bill Clinton, is the one that gave Kenneth Starr Linda Tripps name as a possible witness in the Paula Jones sexual harassment civil suit.

None of this would have been much of a problem had Monica Lewinsky had not told Tripp that Bill Clinton and Vernon Jordan instructed her to lie about the affair with Clinton. Supposedly Linda Tripp has Monica alleging this on tape. These tapes if finally released to the public should prove to be quite titillating, Monica Lewinsky claims that Clinton was very fond of oral sex and that she it to him on a number of occasions. It has been alleged by various news organizations that a secret service agent actually caught Lewinsky and Clinton in the act. It has also been alleged that Monica Lewinsky has a blue semen stained dress which, if true, would be direct DNA evidence of the affair. But it still would not prove obstruction of justice. If that was ever proven it could be an impeachable offence, a sexual scandal probably would not lead to the impeachment of Bill Clinton. If not then it will simply be a source of Bill Clinton jokes.

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