Who inspires me

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Darshell Willis
Period: 6 October 30, 2014 There are millions of people who inspire me to do all types of things but, there is one specific woman who does it the best. That woman is my grandmother. My grandmother is always there and when I need advice there she is. One thing she always tells me is to be nice to others. Now most of the time I am, but like most people, I have my limits. Another thing is she is always pressuring me to do well in school. She is the reason that I am in chorus, every time I want to quit she says I can’t because I have to use my gift. The last thing she says will keep me out of trouble is not to lose my temper when I get really mad and so far I am doing well. My grandmother is always telling to do everything to the best of my ability, so I always try to do just that. She tells me that in order to get better I must to everything at a hundred and ten percent. One thing she says is simple but important is always get back up, she said that a true woman gets back up when she falls. The other thing that goes with this is to be tough. As she said about getting up the being tough kind of goes with that, and by that I mean if your tough you won’t fall down. She believes in working hard to get what you want, and that’s success. She says “success never comes easy, there’s always going to be challenges but you have to be strong, and willing to risk it all in order to do great things in life”. My grandmother if full of wisdom, and has experienced a-lot so, she always shares her stories in order to help other people to be successful as she has been. She has traveled the world and, learned many knew things from different countries. She is someone I want to grow old to be because she teaches everyone everything she knows, and encourages everyone to be who they are, not what people want them to be.
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