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Who Influenced My Life

By peanut66 Mar 11, 2011 314 Words
The person I am Today

At age 10 I moved in with my dad and his new wife. She hated children but dad tried to make the best of it. So at that time in my life I started skipping school and drinking. I was a little bit wild because I really didn’t have any stability in my life. I came from an abusive home with my mother with my stepfather. One day at my sister’s house my dad caught me skipping school and hit me in the face with his belt buckle. My mother intervened and moved me into my aunt and uncle’s house. They were very strict with me from the beginning. They sit me down and told me all the rules. They took me and registered me for school. They took me to school everyday. I went to church every Sunday. I really didn’t know much about God until then. Believe me I walked the line. I did do some things wrong but not a lot. They taught me right from wrong. If it wasn’t for them I would have never graduated high school. They made believe that love and family could really happen and I could really be somebody and life had meaning. I do feel that this was a milestone in my personal development if it wasn’t for my aunt and uncle I wouldn’t have the morals or values I have today. I believe one’s person’s influence can greatly impact a person’s life because that’s what happened to me. It was a turning point in my life that took me down the right path of life. I owe who I am today to my aunt and uncle who took the time and patients to straighten me out and gave me the structure and direction that I needed.

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