Who Has the Power Between Jed and Joe in Chapter 7 Enduring Love, and How Does the Narrative Tell Us This?

Topics: Narrative, Anxiety, Change Pages: 2 (758 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Who has the power between Jed and Joe in chapter 7 and how does the narrative tell us this?

In the opening of Chapter 7, McEwan uses longer sentences adding fluency and slowing down the pace indicating a change in the narrative. As Enduring Love is written from the point of view of retrospective reflective narrative voice of Joe, it is important to recognise that changes in the narrative pace are significant as they are Joe’s way of indicating a key part of the narrative and a change in the story. It can be considered that McEwan changes the narrative pace in order to show a change in Joe’s character and how he is feeling calmer and more relaxed about his current situation with Jed Parry. Joe states how he felt his “anxiety dropping away” indicating that he no longer feels nervous when he has to deal with Parry. Joe implies that he now holds the power in his relationship with Jed relationship as he no longer views him as a threat and states that Parry is simply “a harmless fellow... a nuisance at most” indicating that he feels his previous concerns about Jed were an overreaction and that he really has nothing to worry about. By referring to Jed as “harmless” Joe shows how his attitude towards him has changed and how he does not feel that Jed is a murderous stalker as he had initially feared.

Joe now appears to have more control over Jed and makes the final decisions for them, Jed suggests “a coffee place...” at which they could talk and Joe interrupts with “We’ll be fine right here” showing how he feels that Jed’s suggestions are invalid and does not want to allow him to decide what they are going to do indicating that Joe wants the power in his hands and not Jed’s. By stating “We’ll” be fine right here, Joe shows how he feels that he knows what is best for both of them so therefore has the right to make decisions on Jed’s behalf. Joe’s new found control is reiterated when Jed argues “I’d rather we went inside” to which Joe does not reply “I said nothing...
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